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Aresteas Yachtıng About Us

Situated as the natural bridge between Asia and Europe continents and surrounded by three seas, Turkey has excellent geographical features and impressive maritime history that have significantly contributed to its yacht building industry.  Shipbuilding is a 600-year old tradition in Anatolia. There in Gelibolu, the first shipyard was established in 1390 during the Ottoman reign. In 1455, the groundwork of…

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Our Yachts

Founded in 2009, Aresteas Yachting has entered the sector with a rigorous approach that does not compromise on quality. This approach came to life with a very ambitious project. The 51 meters long ARESTEAS, the largest wooden constructed superyacht built in recent years in the world, has been unearthed with extensive work of a large technical team from Turkey and…

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Our Projects

Aresteas Yachting specialises in the construction of custom steel and wooden yachts, applying state-of-the-art technologies and innovative ideas to traditional production techniques. Our service is prompt, efficient and reliable and we take pride in the attention to detail of our professional construction workforce and the innovation of our engineers and designers.

“Live the life you ve imagined” is the vision of the our projects creating luxurious bespoke design, lighting, furniture and decorative accessories conceived to enhance the ambiance of a space, with a meticulous eye for detail resulting in unique design solutions.

Working closely with the major shipyards of the Turkey on a daily basis, as well as with the finest designers of the world who continually surpass their clients' expectations, "Aresteas Yachting" is plans to be at the top of the yachting industry.

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Chartering a yacht is a highly bespoke service, with every charter specifically tailored to meet each individual charterers exacting request. Available worldwide, you can experience an array of exotic and exclusive destinations. Top chefs are oboard for the duration of each charter serving up the most exquisite food, equalling that found in the worlds finest restaurants. The highly experienced captain…

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